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Top 3 Th8 Best Base (Farming and Hybrid) Layout by GamediceHD

Check out this new base Farm and Hybrid design best for Townhall Level 8 clashers. Defense log replay also available.

Th8 farm base and Hybrid base made by a youtube username GamediceHd. Watch it for yourself if how these bases work for protecting Gold, Elixer and Dark Elixer resources.

I think these 3 base designs are a great layout to use against attackers. You have strong farming and hybrid base setups that are not predictable, the attacker will get a hard time on farming or looting your resources. Most likely their attacked will end to none.

Also, here is the speed-build and defense video of this TH8 Farming and Hybrid base. By watching it, you can easily understand how this base works.

Note: if you don't like these 3 bases don't use it. You might just to watch and look it again  just hit the play button above and review how this base really works. If you liked it please share this TH8 farm and hybrid base with your friends.

Tell us your thoughts, so I can improve it much better. Thank you for your support Clashers. Thanks to GamediceHD.

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