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Miner, Bowler 3-star attack (Th11 Attack Strategy)

Watch Miner, Bowler attack 3-starring a max level Townhall 11 easily.

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Miner, Bowler 3-star attack (Th11 Attack Strategy)
In-game screenshot via youtube Miner, Bowler attack strategy

Today I'll share with you this easy 3-star attack by M.alneaimi from the clan Emirates Hawks. I dont really know this clan but after stumbling upon on youtube I saw this video.  This is my first time to see an attack using Miner and Bowler as the Main troops for this strategy.

Watch how he easily 3-starred this base of Townhall 11 max defense, walls, and buildings:

Video source: RonaldDinho Uae

Attack Composition:

For this attack, the attacker uses the newest troops Miner and the recent added Dark Troops Bowler.
He also uses the well-known attack the Super Queen Walk and then supported by the other Heroes (Barbarian King and Grand Warden). Here is the complete set of the line-up that he used.


Bowler x15
Miner x14
Healer x4
Minions x9
Wizard x1
Archer x2


Rage  x2
Jump x2
Freeze x1
Poison x1

Clan Castle:

Golem x1
Giant x1
Poison Spell x1

I hope you enjoy this video of 3-starring a max level Townhall 11. Keep on Clashing!

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