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Best Clan Castle defense troops (Anti-Bowler, and Valkyrie)

Clash with Ash video, An anti-bowler and anti-valkyrie Clan Castle defense updated.

Best Clan Castle defense troops
Screengrab: Clash with Ash youtube, Anti-bowler Clan Castle Defense

Good day Clashers! Today I will gonna share with you a bit of this defensive stop made by Clash with ash and his team that might be useful enough in winning Clan wars or protecting your farm base.  But eventually, this strategy that you're about to see is good for Th11 Clan war Strategy.

Ash talks about in the video (below) what to use and not in Townhall 11 clan castle defense for the Attack bowler and Valkyrie strategy.

Best Clan Castle Troops Composition by Ash:

For Anti-Bowler,

1x Baby Dragon, 3x Valkyries, and 1x Archer.

For Anti- Valkyrie,

15x Minions
1x balloon

Watch the video how it works:

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