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Baby Dragons - Upgrade and Elixer Cost

Here are some information you want to know about Baby Dragon in Clash of Clans.

Clash of Clans Baby Dragon statistics - "This Fire-Breathing Hatchling is shy around other air units, but leave it alone and it will throw a fit! When not around other air units, Baby Dragons become enraged and gain bonus damage and attack speed."

Baby Dragons were added on the recent Clash of Clans update (May 24th) together with Miner.  Obviously, it came from Supercells' newest Mobile game Clash Royale.

The Appearance of Baby Dragons is just the same as the Clash Royale Baby Dragon but not in statistics.

Take a look at this upgrade level, training cost, research cost, and it's research time below.

Baby Dragon - Upgrade and Elixer Cost

Baby Dragon - Statistics, via Wikia Clash of Clans

There you go the Full Statistics of the Baby Dragons. Thank you. Keep on Clashing.
Source: Clash of Clans Wikia

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