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COC Update Maintenance Break 5/17: 1-Gem Resource Boost Event

Clash of Clans Maintenance Break May 17, 2016.

1-Gem Resource Boost Event
Supercell / Clash of Clans: 1-gem resource boost event
Earlier today, Supercell's best strategy mobile game Clash of Clans introduced Friendly Battle Challenge. It seems that there will be a big update that soon to go live.

COC dev team unveils what update to happen next, this update will allow you and your clan members to attacked or practice their attack to each other bases. Learn more here How it works. Read also: Clash of Clans Update: Friendly Battle Challenge

Clash of Clans Announce Maintenance Break:

On their facebook, Clash of Clans announces Maintenance break "a 1-Gem resource boost that will last until the Friendly Challenge update goes live," Clash of Clans dev team said.  

It meansthat you have to pay 1-gem only versus the normal to boost all your resources, 1-gem per Resources.

There are no other details when or what are the nex update. We'll have to wait for the next Official announcement We will try our best to keep you updated and we will post it here. But for now enjoy 1-gem boost after the Maintenance Break. Clash on Chief!

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