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Th8 (Anti-GoWiPe/Hog/Dragloon/Lavaloon) War Base Layout (+Video)

Looking for Town Hall 8 War Base Layout after the March Update? Try to use this design made by Clash Of Clans JAso.

Jaso a youtuber known as making Clash of Clans designs shares an Anti-everything war base layout for Town Hall 8.

If you always got 3-starred by your opponents try to use this base it has a lot of great features like Anti-Gowipe which Golem, Wizard, and Pekka (GoWiPe) attack is very popular attack on this level.

Other features of this base are Anti-hog, Anti-Lavaloon and Anti-Dragloon which are very effective attack strategy when used well.

Above video shows some of its defensive replay during clan war. He also called this as Deadzone defense strategy an anti-3star war base layout. Watch timelapse video speed build below.

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