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Watch: Clash of Clans "Bowler" Strategy by Ash

Ash shows how to use Bowler, Check it out now!

Youtube.com -- Ash Clash of Clans 
Clash of Clans "Bowler" Strategy: Supercell's Clash of Clans newest Dark troop has arrived, and I know that you are looking for the best strategy for this new Dark Troop, named "Bowler". The Bowler is only available at Town hall level 10 unlocked at Dark Barracks level 7.

In the video, Ash shows Bowler attack strategy wherein he tells how to use Bowlers. He used GoVaBo combination on his attack, Watch how is the correct way of using bowler below.

If you have any strategy that you think how Bowler used comment it below this post. Happy Clashing and Stay Tuned!. 

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