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Town Hall 7 & 8: Air defense Tower Placement Guide

Check out Th7 & Th8 Air defense tower placement guide and tips.

Town Hall 7 & 8: Air defense Tower Placement image
Left-image: Ad on the edge of the base, Center: Ad's place spreadout inner or the base, Right-image: Ad's all in one cell
While we are waiting for Supercell’s Clash of Clans update this month of March, I’d like to share with you a quick guide on Where is the best placement of Air Defense Tower for Th8 players.

Upgrade and Stats

Air defense Max level for Town Hall 8 is Level 6 wherein it has 1040 hitpoints, and 230 damage per second. The table below shows upgrade and stats for Town Hall 7and 8.

Image 1.1: Table shows Town hall 7 and 8 air defense upgrades and stats.
TH7 and Th8 Air defense placement:

Tips: The main thing you should keep in mind is that they must not be placed on the edge of the base. It is self-explainable, Air defense over the edge of the base is easy to destroy that’s it (1-2 tank and a range troops will completely pick it). Other things, do not ever place your Ad’s near to each other. The opponent will zap out your Air defense using 3-4 high-Level Lightning spells. Recommended placement of the Air defense Tower is a symmetric geometric pattern like a triangular-shaped. And lastly spread them out deep the center of the base and don’t put all together in one layer.

Air defense is one of the important buildings you should have. You should upgrade it first one by one among the other defense building. If not your base will be easily 3 starred. Placement of Air defense is another trait of a good base in Clash of Clans. In case you’re entire Ad’s are upgraded follow some tips to maximize usage of that defense building.

I hope you get some helpful tips to apply. Don’t forget to follow us on facebook the latest update will be posted there. Stay tuned!

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