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Th9 Attack Strategy: Quad Jump Golem & Wizards

Watch 3 stars Th9 attack using Golem, Wizards, and Jump spells.

The main key of this attack is to keep the golem in front of the track to tank up defense building of the opponent followed by wizards and Heroes to do the rest of the job. By using jump spells you keep your troops go to where there is so much value compartment by compartment where the defense place. Watch this 3 stars attack by 3dotcurse of WHF2 clan using this Town hall 9 unique strategy the QUAD JUMP GOWIZ.

Troops compostition: 5 golems, 18 wizards, 4 jump spells, 2 poison spells, and 12-15 Wall breakers.

Source: Powerbang Gaming 

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