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Clash of Clans 8.212.3 Download and Update Relased!

This post will provide you Latest Clash of Clans March update.

Clash of Clans (March) Download and Update Relased!
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March 21, 2016: Clash of Clans latest download and updates -- Supercell's Clash of Clans is now ready for download and online via Google play.

The update brings new content to the gameplay. One of this is the new unit that is available at Town hall level 10 named The "Bowler".  Other changes are the defensive buildings and as well as the Troops added level. Faster Spell brewing, Clan war Matchmaking update and more.  Full notes can be read here.

Clash of Clans Download link:

Link1: Clash of Clans Version 8.212.3 (APK) via usercloud
Link2: Clash of Clans Version 8.212.3 (Google Play)

Do you liked the newest Clash of  Clans update.?, Download it now and build your army, Keep on Clashing Chief. More updates will be posted soon. So, Stay Tuned!.

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