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Th6, War Base Layout with 2 Air defense 2016

Check out new Th6 war base layout with 2 air defense (2016-update).

Hi chief, In this post I will share to you newest Town Hall level 6 base layout for clan war by I Jack Sparrow COC.

Before anything else this base are very easy to 3 stars if the attacker is in Town hall 7 and above. Obviously This base is good for Town hall 6 attackers only. So don't say that you get 3 stars with this base.

By watching the video above this post You'll see where jack put 2 air defense as well as the other buildings.

Jack said that he put the Town hall outside of the walls to make it more difficult to 3 stars. Some of it's features are:

  • Anti - air:  be sure that the attacking opponent will be getting a hard time three starring this base using air type troops, Balloons.
  • Anti - Giants:  we all know that giants are vulnerable in spring traps, Spring traps are properly placed beside the defensive buildings. 
  • Anti 3 - stars:  this base is anti - 3 stars against Th6 attackers, it's not hard to 2 stars but at Th6 you can't expect that they can't 3 star you. Th7 above will do the job if Th6 fails.

Here's the screenshot of the Th6 war base layout with and without buildings and traps.

Th6, War Base Layout with 2 Air defense iamge
Note: We do not promise that you'll not get destroyed or 3 stars with this base we only share what we've experience using this war base layout for Town hall 6. Enjoy clashing.

Th6, War Base Layout with 2 Air defense

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