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Quick tips for Clash of Clans losing connection

How not to get disconnected, Here's the few tips.

Most clashers having a hard time playing Clash of clans because of it's internet connection. They are always gets disconnected when playing, It happened when you are looting or if you're lucky on Clan War.
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Important tips to on how to play Clash of Clans without disconnecting. 

1.  It's very important that you are connected to a reliable network obviously your mobile phone must have strong signal. Note that Full bar signal is not always enough the device or wifi device must be on the good location. 

2.  Don't even play in a moving vehicle, Don't try to attack during clan war when your on public transport. I swear you will get disconnected in the game.

3. Connect to the most reliable internet service provider, at least 3G/4G connection to play good clash experience.


Good internet connection will have a great impact to play Clash of Clans to maximize gaming experience. If  I see signal appearing at the center of the screen when I'm in-game I don't try to loot or attack because for sure I will get disconnected sooner. 

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