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Dark troop Added at Town Hall 10 in March Update

Supercell, Clash of Clans update in March new troops added at town hall 10.

March is fast approaching, We only have a half month to wait. I feel that the new update will be much more exciting. Reports said that new dark troops is on it's way and it is only available for Town hall level 10 clashers only.

According to Mobipicker the new added Troop is a dark elixer type troop just like Minions, Hog Rider, Golem, Witch, Valkyrie and Lava Hounds, and it will not be the Musketeer seen in the Clash Royale (a card strategy game).

Cocland qouted that the new dark troop will be available after upgrading Dark Barracks to level 7.

Meanwhile, Clash of Clans developer Supercell not yet release any information or any sneak peak about the next update. I know lot of you are waiting for it. We're hoping that sneak peek will be reveal soon.

Some says that, Town hall 10 level players have a capability to 3 stars maxed Town hall 10,  and easily take down those Town hall level 9 clashers. Anyway still don't know what will happen after the update.

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