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3+ Awesome Th7 War Base Layout with 3 Air Defense (Video)

This is the part 1 of our Town Hall 7 war base layout with 3 Air defense for 2016 Clash of Clans Update.

Clash of Clans Update: Supercell, creator of the famous mobile strategy game Clash of Clans just release a new update. One of this update is the additional building for Town Hall level 7 which is the Air defense. This update will make all Th7 players having a hard time to get 3 star during Clan War.

This post will show you Different Th7 War base layout with 3 air defense. Check it out now below..

List of Town Hall 7 War base layout with 3 Air defense:
Th7 War Base Layout with 3 Air Defense
Image: Youtube Clash of Clans General Tony,  Th7 war base layout screenshot without building.

1. Created by General Tony, Tony is having a 200k plus of subscribers that makes him more legit in making war base design. See his own version of Th7  war base design with 3 ad.

2.  This new War base Layout for Town Hall 7 was created by Mastersaint another design specialist for clash of clans, He said that this base features:  Anti-Dragon and Anti-Everything.  See it for yourself how this base works.

3. IcastToHeal - coc base builds have made their own version of Th7 base layout. This base is a hybrid design which you can use for trophy pushing and Clan war. Let's see what it looks like. You can follow IcastToHeal yo his official youtube account.

There you go Clashers I hope you liked 3 Awesome Th7 war base layout that I found on youtube. If you want to Share your own Th7 War base layout we'll be gladly to put it here. Don't hesitate to share it on our facebook page. Good luck Happy Clashing!!..

In case you missed this are the Added features after the update: Star bonus, Loot Cart and Treasury. For gameplay balancing you can now unlock 2nd air defense at Th6 and Unlock 3rd air defense at Th7.

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