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How to Fix Clash of Clans Device Compatible Error

Here's how to fix Clash of Clans compatible device error.

Experiencing device compatibility error when updating or installing Clash of Clans newest version via Google Playstore?

It happened to a a player/clasher and forum member that cannot install Clash of clans with his Samsung Galaxy Note 4, he said that Google Play was not Clash of Clans in his search results, probably because of inner filter preventing incompatible apps to be displayed, after he looked at android menu:

Clash of Clans Device Compatible Error
Clash of clans not compatible via google playstore

My Apps -> All Apps and looked up Clash of Clans, getting "Your device isn't compatible with this version".

What to do if you encounter this problem: 
Why this happened, Some says that because of the bug with Google playstore.

This problem is solve somehow by a forum member, and here's how he do it:

-  "Device not compatible" error First thing you should do is to make sure to clear Google Play Store cache & Google Play Services cache & even re-add your Google account on your device and restart your device.

Settings >> Application Manager >> All >> Google Play Store >> Clear data

It might help somehow.

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