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GoHoWi Th8 Attack Strategy and Compositon (+VIDEO)

How to Attack Strategy using GoHoWi.

GoHoWi troops Composition:

2x Golem, 18x Hog Riders, 10x Wizards, 4x Wall breakers, 2x Archers


3x Heal Spell, and 2x Poison

Clan Castle Reinforcement:

5x Hog Rider

GOHOWI ATtack Th8 image
Image: Bambam Made in Mexico

Attack Strategy:

- Take out and kill clan castle defener

- Deploy Golem, Wall breakers and wizards

- Then hog riders supported by heal spells.

- Until all defenses were cleared out deploy remaining troops to do the clean up..

Video: I Jack Sparrow COC
Attacker: Doni Ucay
Clan Name: Ninjas iRI

On the same video

Th8 attack troops composition:

1x Golem, 22x Hog Rider, 11x Wizards, and 8x Wall Breakers


2x Heal Spell, 1x Rage Spell, and 2x Poison Spell

Attacker: !MAGIC AL3X!
Clan name: Ninjas iRI

Here's the video gameplay:

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