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Clash of Clans 1 gem boost this winter (2016)

Clash of Clans 1 gem boost updates.

Hey chief, good news for all players that is having a hard time in farming resources, gold, elixer and dark elixer. Most of the players was affected because of the update last December, 2015.

Supercell, Clash of Clans gives you 1 gem boost to all resources this winter and it will last for a given time. So if you do have spare gems use it now to maximize collectors production.

Clash of Clans 1 gem boost
Image Screenshot: Gold, Dark Elixer and Elixer boosted.

This event is good for the players that is not always looting/farming and online, after activating boosting all collectors you may closed the game and come back to collect produced resources. Because the collectors are boosted it will produce twice as its normal production.

Clash of clans will announced when 1 gem boost ends. Do you liked this update? Share your thoughts below. 

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