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Anti-Giant & Balloons, War Base Layout for Th6

Town Hall 6 best War base layout so far. Try it now!

Town Hall level 6 war base layout, Hi clashers are you looking for a base layout for Th6, this layout was shared by JackSparrow, take a look at it and its war logs.

Layout Features:

- Anti-giant, it's design is good against giants, archers and hogs (clan castle reinforcement) which gives the attackers hard time to 3-stars this base (Th6 only), (image below) war log shows it gets 2 stars when the attacker used this troops composition. It has a good placements of spring and air/ground bomb traps.

- The Air defense is at the center of the base that makes it more difficult to attack using a balloon parade, popular attack used of the Th6 players.

Here is the base screenshot with traps:
War Base Layout for Th6
Screen grabbed via Youtube JackSparrow 

Troops Composition: 14x giants, 74x archers, and 3x wall breakers with 2x heal spell plus hogs (maxed level in clan castle) for reinforcement. 2 stars attack.

War Base Layout for Th6 logs

Troops Composition:  16x giants, 95x archers, and 5x barbarians with 1x Lightning Spell, and 1x Heal spell plus 1 dragon Level 4 in clan castle for reinforcements. 2 stars attack.

War Base Layout for Th6 logs 2

I hoped you liked it, try this Th6 war base layout in clan wars, and tell us your experience using this comment your thoughts below.  Happy Clashing!

Source: I Jack Sparrow Clash of clans Youtube

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