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Watch Th9 3 stars attack using Lavaloon

Watch this video 3 starring a strong Town hall level 9 using Lavaloons. Great attack strategy shared by Wicked Gaming.

Hey guys have a nice day, In this posts I want to share to you an awesome Clash of clans (clan war) video gameplay attack by Bryson from X-Loyal clan using Lavaloons.

Lavaloons is a composition of Lava hound and balloons.  In the video courtesy of Wicked Gaming, Bryson also used Golem, Wall breakers and some Wizards to make a first move to eliminate Air defense, and Archer Queen to 3 Stars Town hall level 9.
Th9 3 stars attack using Lavaloon

Spells Composition:
2 Rage, 1 Jump, 1 Poison, and 2 Haste Spells.

Troops Composition using this Attack Strategy:
1 Golem, 7 Wizards, 3 Wall breakers, 3 Lavahound, 13 Balloons, 1 any troops, plus (1 Golem on Clan Castle)

Here's the Video:

Attack Sequence:

  • First Deploying 2 Golems, next: Wizards to eliminate outside base.  Deploying Wall breakers to destroy walls and make two heroes to pass through along with the Golem. 
  • Next is using jumps spells, after destroying Air defense and killing Archer queen
  • Lastly, Deploy the major troops lava hounds and balloons supported by the remaining spells. I recommended to you to watch the video above.

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