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Quick Guide: How to farm Dark Elixer If you're in Th7

After the recent update the Lightning spells can't take any damage and resources when it struck to any resource storage or collectors. This is one of the the best attack farming strategy when it comes to getting Dark Elixer.

Dark Elixer is very hard to get from others base. They usually put it inside the inner core and surrounds it by a ground defensive buildings.

Even if you had Dark elixer collector it's not enough to get more dark elixer resources. So this the question how will you farm a Dark Elixer if you're in a Town hall level 7 only.

Farm darkelixer image

This post might helped you I want to share you this quick guide on how to farm Dark Elixer.


1.. One of the best way is to go-up-to the higher league, I prefer crystal league.
     How to go to the Crystal League fast.

  • Look for the Town hall building that is outside the base. From there you can win and get instant trophy after destroying it. 
  • Look for the base that is weak, and you think that you can demolish it to get a 100% 3 stars. 
  • Look for the base which is having a high amount of trophies. Try to get 1 stars as you can. 
  • Get help by requesting High or maxed level troops. I recommend to request for a maxed level (Giants, Hogs, or Wizards).
  • Use a farming base layout, most of the time enemies will get low trophies after they destroy your town hall and get only one stars and exits.  Trophies that your enemy gets will be deducted to your trophies. 
  • Troops composition, You can use only Barchers (Barbarian and Archers) to attain that league. I prefer train giant also for tanking purposes. 
2.. Let's say that you're in a crystal league, Stay to that league as much as you can. That league will be your farming grounds.
     Farming Strategy
  • Town hall hunting, You can get a Dark Elixer bonus loot. You'll notice that your other resources will go up to. 
  • Look for the outside Dark Elixer collectors if it has a resources and full. 
  • Look for the outside resource collector if it full or not.
  • Request for the  Higher and maxed level troops for backup.
  • Always train your troops on queues always full your training barracks before you attack. 
  • Troops Composition: Barchers Minions only, BAM farming strategy.(I prefer rain also giants for tanking purposes. 
  • Check also if base you attack have a Clan Castle troops defense. Kill it first before you attack.
3.. Spells to brew is not very important but you can brew any spells for your backup. 

Others: Attacking Sequence - 

Attackers should always think the sequence of their attack. Some clashers might first deploy the hitter after the tanker, that is the biggest mistake to make and will get nothing until the end. 

Tips: The attackers should always deploy first the tanker like (Barbarians and Giants) next is the hitter or the range troops  like Wizards and Archers.  3-4 barbarians and 3-4 archers will do to take down one resource collector. 

I hoped this post will help you just repeat the farming strategy and you'll get a great results you may now upgrade your Dark Troops and Barbarian king also. If you do have your own Dark Elixer farming guide don't hesitate to share it to us. You can comment your thoughts below or directly message it us via contact us page. Thank you keep Clashing!

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