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Copy any clashers base layout in an instant using Xmod

You can now just copy others village base layout using Xmod, it's the new feature of the best tool mod for Clash of Clans.

Copy players layout is the newest feature of Xmodgames, now on version 1.7.6 updated September 23, 2015, this mod version is only compatible and still works on  Clash of Clans versions 7.200.12 & 7.200.13. Xmod developer make it more easy for all of you clashers to instantly edit your base layout if it is farm or a war base layout.

Xmod 1.7.2

How to copy: 

For the sake of this posts, I will assume that you've already downloaded and installed latest xmod version. Copying others base layout is easy, just follow given instructions. If don't have it yet you can download it here - xmod version 1.7.6 apk.

1. Go to other village base layout, for example in the clan war, pick the best/strongest base that you like to copy.
2. Then click xmod bot-button, next is to turn-on Copy Player layout.
3. After Turning it on, Go to your Village base editor. G to War base edit layout then select slot and click edit layout.
4. You must now see copied base Lastly, click Save.

Other Xmod feature is Improved Dead base Search. Do you liked the latest feature of the Xmod for Clash of Clans?  Tell us your thoughts about it?

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