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Clashcon free live stream

Clash of Clans announces that Clashcon will be live on October 24th. See more details.

Supercell - Clashcon will have a free live streaming for all of the Clashers all over the world.  This is where you're able to watch what will happen at Helsinki Exhibition and Convention Centre, on Helsinki in Finland. The event will be on October 24th Saturday at 12:00pm - 9:00pm in UTC+03.

Clashcon live

Source: Clash Of Clans event

Clash of Clans official - Play, learn and compete. Join us in Helsinki, Finland for the first ever ClashCon. Clan War tournaments, Clash Swag, attack and defense panels, meet the Clash team, and more!

Can't join us? Tune into the Livestream and catch all of the action on our ClashCon site, YouTube and Twitch!

We also hope that they will be announcing what will happen on the next Clash of  Clans Update. 

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