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Clash of Clans teased Town hall 11, New Defense and Hero

I'm sure you're ready for this much awaited upcoming major update, Take a look what's next!

Finally the feeble Town hall 11 will soon to arrive for the next update. It was confirmed during Calshcon event October 24th 2015. What's gonna be new for this update.?  Yes, I know you read it already. You're right there will be a newest defense building and hero for Town hall level 11 only.

So take a look what it's looks like.

New Town hall level, Th11 Screenshot:

Town hall 11 design will not look like the blue one or the red one, Top view of of this newest Th level is white, It differs from the design that we've seen and circulates online over the previous month. 
Added features is not revealed yet. The price for this building is around 4.5 Million - 5.5 Million (guessing). 

Newest Defense:

The newest defense official name and price is not yet reveal, But from the video that we've seen this defense building is so powerful it can do a lot of damage, and destroy troops quickly. It will burst a laser beam straight up and it will hit it coming from above.

This is the added building when you upgrade your Town hall to level 11.

New Defense

New Hero:

We will also expecting a new Hero to be added on the next Clash of Clans update, Don't know yet what it's look like, price is a bit to high 6,000,000 Elixer to unlock the newest hero.

Can't wait for the next Coc update. I hope they will announced it when it will happen.

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