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Th9 Anti-Surgical Hog Riders Attack War Base Layout

Hey chief, Here I'm gonna share to you latest war base layout for Town hall 9. The GoWiHog attack also known as "Surgical hog Riders" attack.

Surgical Hog Riders attack is a very effective offensive strategy for Town hall 9. It Composed of Golem, Wizards, and  Hogs. Golems will be the tank supported by wizards and 2 Heroes. Hogs will be the main troops for clearing out enemies structure defense.

This attack is very hard to master, It will be much more effective if you know how to execute it well. And you must practice after you use it in clan war.

If you think that you're opponent will go on A Surgical Hog Riders attack this base plan is good for you. I recommend this design to you to try it on clan war.

Here is the screenshot with buildings and visible placement of the traps as well.
Town Hall 9 anti-surgical hog base screenshots
  • Late war base plan, with centralized 4 Hidden Tesla and 2 of the 2 Gbomb. Hidden tesla will be the threat for every troops who will go to the center of the base. 
2 Giant bombs and 4 hidden tesla placement screenshot
  • Clan castle is far from Archer queen (see first image posted) which makes more difficult to three stars. - The attackers will most likely lure the cc troops first to clear or to kill it. But, because they are using a surgical hog attacks offensive troops are not enough to destroy Clan Castle troops defender and the Archer queen at the same time. Golem will washed out first after they killed the Clan castle troops and the Queen.
That's it an anti-surgical hog riders war base layout for Th9. Remember that I can't promised that attacker will not get 3-stars from this base layout. I only post what I've experienced and observed during clan war. Design credits to the owner.

See more base layout to the related posts below, Thank you! happy clashing..

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