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Clash of Clans next update rundown

This will happen on the next Clash of Clans update.

Supercell developer Clash of Clans unveils what will be the next update on the most popular mobile online strategy game.

In COC official facebook page they release some of it's sneak peek preview (Lightning Level 7, Poison Spell, Walls new look and even the tie breaker score in clan war, and now Clash of Clans gives you the recap that will soon go live after the update.

Clash of Clans "The update is just around the corner, Chief! While we wait,  check out the recap of what will soon go live. "

Clash of Clans update

In it, Chief pat discuss the new update summary Full September 2015 update rundown, Watch now and tell us you're thoughts below.

Many Clashers don't like the big update, because the update benefits only to those only in higher level the Town hall 9 and Town hall 10.

Some replied that, this update is just a warm up only, the big update will be announce at the Clashcon on October 24, 2015.  New update is supposed to be huge and there might be a fabled Town hall 11. LOLs, he added.

Anyway, The update will soon to come, What do you like on the next update.?

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