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Surgical "Hog Riders Attack" Guide (TIPS & TECHNIQUE)

Learn how to attack maxed Th9 villager in Clan War using "Surgical Hog Riders Strategy".

There are many ways of attacking a Town Hall 9 clashers, Two of the most popular attacks that you'll encounter are the GoWiWi and GoWiPe attack. GoWiWi composed of Golem, Wizard, and Witch another is GoWiPe with Golem, Wizards and P.E.K.K.A. That two attack strategies are very powerful which you can acquire possible 2-3 stars attack for your clan in Clan Wars.

Today I'm gonna introduce to you new Attack Strategy using Golem, Wizards, and Hog Riders, this attack is called the "Surgical Hog Riders". Hog riders will be the main troops for this attack helped with two heroes (Barbarian King and Archer Queen).

Troops Composition:

Combination: 1xGolem, 8xWizard, 4xGiants, 3xArchers, 25xHogs, and Clan Castle troop Reinforcement 1xGolem.  (Option: use 3-4xWall breaker if the base have 2-3 tier of wall)

Heal Spells:  3xHeal Spell, 1xJump Spell, and 1x Poison Spell.

Attack Summary: 

Plan out where to deploy your troops:

Scout enemy base where the Heroes and Clan Castle Located. Why? You have to take down first Clan Castle troops defend, and Kill Archer Queen. There will be a big problem when you didn't kill them.
  • Deploy Golem First, Golem will be the tank.
  • Next is Wizard cutting down buildings to have a clear path. 
  • Deploy 1 spell Jump Spell
  • Next, Drop your two Heroes (Archer Queen & Barbarian King).
  • After, Deploy First Giant followed by 5 Hog Riders. repeat simultaneously  supported by heal spell when needed. 
  • Lastly deploy remaining troops for clearing remaining buildings.
Check this video courtesy of Powerbang Gaming: You may follow them on Youtube to see more attack strategies they share.

Powerbang Gaming will discuss  how  he execute the Surgical Hog Riders Strategy. In the video, He uses different troops and spells combinations. So It's up to you what is the best combinations, But they are all effective. Be sure to practice before using this attack in a crucial match in clan wars. Enjoy. 

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