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How to extend 1 gem boost for another 7 days

Lear how to use 1 gem boost twice to extend it for another 7 days.

1 gem boost for all resource collectors given in an event after the maintenance break Yesterday, July 31, 2015 to celebrate 3rd-year-anniversary of Supercell's Clash of Clans. Clahers pay only 1 gem per collector and it will last for a week or 7 days. Did you know that you can extend gem usage for another 7 days?

One of the leading coc blog site Allclash.com, show's how to do it. I quoted some of their post here.

1 gem boost

How to Extend Gem Boost? Here's the Trick:
  • The first step in the process is starting an upgrade on whichever Mine, Collector, or Drill you want to boost again – this is where max level Mines, Collectors, and Drills cause a problem. Starting an upgrade on a boosted Mine, Collector, or Drill causes the boost to end. You will want to do this step at the last moment possible, but before the 1 Gem boost option disappears, in order to maximize your profit.
  • The next step is doing something you usually hate yourself after you do it – canceling an upgrade. Although canceling an upgrade only gives you back 50% of the cost. For example, canceling a level 10 Gold costs 84,000 Elixir. This sounds painful, but a second 1 Gem boost for 7 more days is worth the investment.
Now that the boost is canceled and you’ve canceled the upgrade, you can now restart the boost for another 7 full days.

This tips are all credited to allclash, check out some of their post.
Source: Allclash

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