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Philippines Clash of Clans Tournament Registration, Requirements, Mechanics (details)

First Clash of Clans tournament in the Philippines are ready to heat up. So, Are you Ready Clashers?

First Clash of Clans tournament in the Philippines are ready to heat up. So, Are you Ready Clashers?

Smart[dot]com[ph] is now accepting clans participants with 5 members who each of the clan members are in Town Hall level 9-10. Filling of registration is now ready, have you registered your clan?.

You can now register on Smart Philippines 2015 tournament, just fill out the registration form with corresponding details..

Read full details and mechanics on how to join and how the tournament goes. Learn more below the jump

source: Smart Philippines: Official Sched of the tournament 
All details have been announced, winners will bag 2 Million pesos.


Registration will be done online via http://smart.com.ph/pages/PhilippineClash2015
Registrants should provide the following:

  • Clan Name
  • Clan Tag
  • Name, Contact Number, Email Address and Facebook User ID of Clan Representative
  • Names of Clan Members (5)
  • Player IGN
  • Level
  • TH Level
  • IGN Tag
  • Sweet Victory
  • Gender
  • Birthdate

All clan members must be based in the Philippines. Registration entries will be subject to confirmation by Smart and PCCB. Please wait for the email confirmation to be sent by Smart and PCCB. Registration Fees will be paid at the event venue.

Smart Subscriber – Free
Non-Smart Subscriber – P350 per member


Each clan must have a maximum of five (5) players only.
All participants must be physically present at their choice of venue.
All participating clans will battle it out for six (6) hours straight.
Tournament Format: Royal Rumble – No rankings or groupings; free for all.
The clan with the most number of trophies gained wins.
All tournament participants must have Townhall 9 villages.
All clans must be closed and remain closed for the whole duration of the tournament.
All participants must create a new clan following the name format provided by the organizers on the day of the event itself.
Clan Baseline Cups

Clan Baseline Cups: 4,000

Each clan must start at a trophy range of 3,500 to 4,500 so as not to incur penalties.

Penalty Computation:

50% of clan's excess cups will be deducted from their final trophy count as penalty.


Clan Baseline: 4,000 (+/-500)
Clan's Actual Starting Cups: 5,000
Excess: 500 cups
Actual Penalty: 250 cups

Individual Baseline Cups

Individual Baseline Cups: 1,800
No participant must exceed 1,800 trophies at the onset of the event. If any clan member goes beyond the said individual baseline, penalties will be deducted from the clan.

Penalty Computation:
Actual number of trophies that a participant has which is over the set individual baseline of 1,800


Individual Baseline: 1,800
Individual's Actual Starting Cups: 2,000
Excess: 200 cups
Actual Penalty: 200 cups

Any player who leaves the clan during the tournament may not re-join or be re-invited.

Source: Smart Philippines

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