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Lure Clan Castle Troops In Clan Wars (Guide)

Beginners not to forget during Clan Wars. Learn more inside.

Luring troops  in Clash of Clans is just simply taking out your opponent/defender clan castle troops to kill it easily. This is one of the basic attack strategy that the beginner should know.  Most of the time some beginners in Clash of Clans are not getting 3 stars because they forgot to lure clan castle troops, ends with nothing.

In this post you're about to learn how to lure and kill clan castle troops defender during Clan Wars battle or even in farming.


First thing you should do before you make an attack and lure you must scout war base first. Why?
  1. To know how many troops are there inside the clan castle.
  2. To know the range of the clan castle where to deploy 2-3 troops for luring.  (click the clan castle to know what is the maximum range of the clan castle.)
  3. To know where you should lure and where you should take the lured clan castle troops. 
How to Lure Clan Castle Troops: 
After scouting enemy war base, you know now where to deploy your troops to lure clan castle troops. 
  1. First, deploy 1 - 4 troops you may  use barbarian, giant or archer depends on the composition and availability of your troops. I recommend you to use barbarian or giant. Deploy-1barb-tolure
  2. After deploying barbarian, deploy another troops to check if all troops inside of the clan castle are all out.
  3. After confirming you've taken all the clan castle troops out, deploy another barbarian or archer to the corner. This will make the the troops of the enemy go to the corner for easy killing. Clan-troops-to-the-corner
  4. If all enemy troops are in the corner of the village, deploy a set of barbs or archer to kill them. Note: you must not deploy your troops in one place you must deploy it scattered just like the image shown below.
  5. Viola, You can now proceed to attack the opponent war base. There is no more clan castle troops to chase down your troops.
Things you don't have to forget is to lure enemy clan castle troops to easily get a perfect three stars for your clan during clan wars. This strategy is recommended for Town Hall in low level.

Meanwhile in farming, Scouting is not available, cause you can't scout enemies farm base in Multiplayer mode. You must check the clan castle troops if there is in the inside, how to check, by deploying 1 barb or any troops you have, If it have proceed to step number 1. If there is no clan castle troops proceed to attack the farm base.

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