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Th7 War Base Layout w/ Air Sweeper by Hackminer (featured, July)

Strong Town Hall Level 7 (Th7) war base layout for the month of July. This is made by Hackminer via warclans[dot]com. War base Layout is commonly use during clan wars, it is different from the other layout such as farm base, and trophy base layout.

It's up to you if you want to use this th7 war base lay out, check out it's features.

Th7 war base layout

Town Hall LVL7 war base features:
  1. Clan castle is in the core of the base, to make clan castle troops are hard to lure.  
  2. Air sweeper, new building that was added on April 30 update, where it pushes back air troops. this will support air defense, if the attacker uses a mass air strike, such as Mass Dragon, Balloons, Balloonions, or Dragloons. 
  3. 3 mortars formed a triangle, scattered to the base.
Town hall 7 rating: 3/5 not quite good for experience Town hall level 7 players or clashers.

Don't forget to share your defense warlogs if you use this Th7 war base layout, comment your thoughts below. 

Screenshots soon to follow. Stay tune!

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