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Itagon, 'Th7 Farming Base' Layout By Malo

New Town Hall 7 (th7) Farm base layout featured this month of July. See and Try it now.

July 2015 - New Farming Base Layout with air sweeper.

Symmetric' Town Hall 7 base layout' for you clashers, this was made via warclans[dot]com base builder, Name Itagon created by a username Malo.

This base is good for every town hall 7 players. One feature's of this base is that dark elixer storage is in the middle of the base, makes it hard to hit by attacker.

'Th7 Farming Base'
Souce: Warclans[dot]com


  • Typical Layout of farming base: Town Hall is outside the edge of the base.
  • Resources collector are widely spread out. 
  • Air sweeper added, paced in the middle tier. 
  • Resources Storage are not intact. 
  • ......
This base are strong against Town Hall level 1-7 attackers only, Th8 players will easily three-star this base because of high level advantage.

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