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Easy 3-stars Guide Th7 Dragon (TIPS & STRATEGY)

Dragon is a very powerful troops most especially in clan wars. I know some of you mastered it out, I just want to share this guide to the beginners who newly enters Town hall level 7. Learn here how to use mass dragon attack effectively without any doubt. This post will tells you.

This attack isn't new but it will help a lot to the beginners. Happy clashing.
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Lear more About Dragon Attack Strategy:

Mass Dragon is the best and the most popular attack strategy, All 10 Dragons will do the job. by using this, I swear it's not hard for you to get perfect 3-stars for your clan. Adding up Dragons are not hard to use you must know how deploy it well.

Dragon can't be easily taken out by Archer and Wizard Tower because of it's high health points. Town hall level 7 Air traps are not very effective too stop Dragon.

Can I use 6-8 dragons to save more resources? 

Yes you may, as long as you are sure that the set of troops you deploy can 3-stars enemy base.

What Spell to use? 

In Town Hall Level 7, if you upgrade your spell factory. You must have unlock Lightning, Heal and Rage spells. I recommend you to use 3  Lightning spells.

Lightning spells has a great advantage use for this level,  Level 4 Lightning spells can easily take out Air defense Level 1-6.

How to Dragon Attack?

  • Firstly, Target 1 Air defense using Lightning Spells.
  • After that deploy 2-3 Dragons to cut buildings for making path. Learn more How to cut buildings using dragons.
  • Lastly, deploy all dragons ensured that it has a way to attack middle buildings defense or structure.

That's it, it's very simple.

I hope you've learn from this post. You can make use of any spells to combine with this attack strategy.  I just want you to know this is the easiest one in attacking Th7 bases or newly entered Th8 level bases for clan wars.

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