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Clash of Clans bot for Android using DummySprite

Learn more about DummySprite, Clash of Clans bot for Android and IOS.

Introduction to DummySprite: Good day Clashers! I know a lot of you or some of you know What Clash of Clans bot is,  it is a tool that helps players to farm, raid, and donate automatically without human intervention. All you have to do is to set--it-up or program this application. By the way you have to use Bluestacks too.

There are so  many bots nowadays Clashbot, Autoclash and etc to name a few. But do you know that there is another Clash of  Clans (COC) bot application for Android and IOS users.
DummySprite is the best way to play apps and games without spending your time for repetitive operations,You can even use it for any mobile and computer.


DummySprite Requirements:

  1. 150m memory or above left while game and DummySprite both are running(android may kill background processes in low memory situation)
  2. Enable floating-window in android setting if you cant see the floating window of DummySprite on the top of screen after run and game started
  3. Please google for how to enable floating-window on android, It is different for models and we cant offer a common tutorial for this
  4. Root is required to run DummySprite.
Easy steps to install DummySprite on Android/IOS:

  1. First, Download dummysprite.apk from DummySprite.
  2. Open dummysprite.apk on your device and install
  3. Run DummySprite(Root is required)
  4. Run and you will see the log-in screen
  5. Click register to create an account first.
  6. Fill-up the username and password. Note: that you must have an invite code for you to get additional beans for free. 
More information can be found in their official site DummySprite

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