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Anti 3-star mid war base for Th8 (ANTI-DRAG & ANTI-GOWIPE)

Hi Good day Clashers! if you are looking for a new layout for Town Hall 8 war base layout you are in the right place at the right time. Now I share to you An Anti-3-stars base for Town hall 8 players, better try it out now.

Check also: Anti-Gowipe and Anti -base design by BreachgamingFR.

Click and copy it if you want to use this war base layout.
Town Hall 8
Screenshot with buildings and traps.
It's Features:

  • Good things about this base is that it was protected by a high health buildings, the storage. It's very difficult to go through the core of the base. The Storage blocks way giving dragon a hard time to destroy it. The dragon must destroy it very fast but unfortunately buildings had high health points it will be easily taken out by the Air-defense which is positioned behind the storage. 
  • Added air defense building: Air Sweeper, great help with the new building air sweeper to make all dragons to push back. Tweak good position for this one. 
  • Air traps, Good placement of Air-traps will clear those attackers troops
  • Strong for GOWIPE attacks, I swear all attacker use this combination will not gonna get 3-stars. (Town Hall 8 level attackers only)
  • .......................
If you find any Bad or good features for this feel free to drop your thoughts below. You may send war log screenshot via facebook page.  

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