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Ways On How To Protect Resources

Have many resources? Your Gold, Elixer and Dark Elixer Resources are full. Here are tips to protect it.

Afraid to lose your pile of gold and elixer. Have many resources? Your Gold, Elixer and Dark Elixer Resources are full. Don't know what to do how to protect it, I list down possible ways on How to Protect your full belongings.

How To Protect Resources from a raid.

1.  Use a Farm Base Layout, I have here my own Farm base design layout, in this layout your Town Hall must be at the edge or outside of the wall. Just like image shown below.
Town Hall 7 Farm Base Layout
You'll get a free shield when someone attack your base, there are a lot of clashers always look for Town Hall only that is outside the base (Th Sniper Strategy) for trophy.

2.  Another way to protect resources from raid is by using a free tool called "Coc Auto-Reloader". On a recent posts, this tool will make our village always online, This tool make the reload after a couple of minutes.

3.  Another tool is Xmod, A free tool exclusively developed by Xmodgames, this tool also features always active. This will make your village always online. Download it only on their official site www.xmodgames.com/
4.  Queuing your troops, Full your camp and train troops on Que. Best way to do it on Dark Elixer resources, queuing dark troops from dark barracks.
5.  Make your resources collector scattered, this will make the attacker having a hard time on farming.
6.  Make your storage place at the core of your base.
and many more to add, still updating..
P.s: If you do have your own tips on how you protect those resources, please comment it below. Don't forget to subscribe. Thank You Chief, Happy Clashing.

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