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War Base Design For Th7, June 2015

Newly Made War Base for the Month of June 2015.

If you are ready to go for Town Hall 7, finished maximizing all defense and troops upgrade at Town Hall 6. Already have Barbarian King level 5, completed upgrading walls to level 7. 

This is the right time to look for the best war base for your Th7. What are you waiting for check out this newly made war base design made for you.

Features: New Air Sweeper added Supporting 2 Air defense. 

An Anti-giant base design for clan war. Check out image for your reference.
War Base Design For Th7

   base design with buildingsbase design with traps only
Screenshots with Traps  and Buildings
Town Hall at the center isle, protecting by Ground and Air defense,  strongest point at the top where max Archer Tower in-place. Air sweeper aiming left, note: that you can change air-sweeper where to aim.

Hidden Tesla and Air Defense located beside Town Hall of the base.

You may change placement of  buildings, traps, and defense just the way you like and tells as your thoughts below the comment area. 

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