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Th8 War Base Layout, Turn Around by Magik Coc

New War base Layout for you Town hall 8 players. This was created via warclans base builder, you can visit warclans.com after you've copy the th8 layout.

This war base was created by a certain Magik Coc and called it "turn around". This is an anti-giant, anti- gowipe, and anti-hogs base.

After attacker deploy his troops, On the second layer all troops must begin attacking all defense and will take a tour around the core. An anti-3 stars th8 war base layout, Possible 1-2 star only.

This base is named as a bad base because of it's appearance but actually it's a trap to kill massive troops deployed.
Town Hall 8
image source:Town Hall 8 warclans.com

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