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Th8 War Base Layout, (ANTI-GOWIPE & DRAG) by BreachGamingFR

Anti-Gowipe and Anti-Drag Town Hall 8 War Base Design, Layout created by BreachGamingFR via warclans.

So, if you experience it also during a war,  Attacker uses a 3-starring GoWiPe Attack. You may try this newly made design just right for you, an Anti-Drag and Anti GoWiPe base  layout which good for Town Hall 8.

Why not? Use An Anti-GoWiPe For Town Hall Bases for Clan Wars

Not all players in Th8 level are using Mass-drag or Dragloon (Dragons and Balloons) combination for clan wars. Some of them use GoWiPe attack instead. One member says,
"GoWiPe attack is very effective than drag-attack, and it's very challenging. I'll use ground attack instead of air attack."
Clash of Clans Screenshot for Anti Gowipe/Drag for Town Hall 8 with buildings, traps and defenses.
More Features: 

1.  Centralized 3 Air Defense which is good for stopping mass Drag attack, supported also by a new building which is the Air Sweeper.

2.  2-3 tier of walls to block attackers Golem to go through the core of the base. Clan Castle troops at the core of the base are hard to lure.

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