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Th7 Dark Elixer Farming Strategy, Fast and Easy

Learn a new way of Farming Dark Elixer for Town Hall level 7 fast and easy, One of the basic attack strategy that is effective, It helps me a lot, I max my Barbarian King to level 5 and other Dark Troops with this strategy. Preparing your BK and Dark Troops when you step-up to Th8. Learn more how.

Dark Elixer is one of the resources that' s is hard to get,  Resources that Th7 - Th10 players look for when farming. I know you're one of them, Question: What if I'm in Th7? How to farm Dark Elixer?

Troops Setup, Combinations & Spells: 

  • 100x - Barbarian
  • 100x - Archer
  • 3x     - Lighting Spell

Attack Strategy:

  • Look for a Town Hall that is outside of the base (Th-sniper Strategy). I recommend using Xmod, it is a great Clash Of Clans Tool that has a one feature of searching Town Hall near to the edge, You must know how to set it up. 
  • Make it to the Crystal League (In this league, you will have a bonus loot of Dark Elixer when you get 1 star.  Stay to Crystal League.
  • Make use of Lighting Spell, hit Dark Elixer Storage, Storage must be Full or 3/4 full. 
  • Look  for the village that is having a 50 percent of the building is on the outside of the tier.
The main goal here is to get 1 star in the Crystal League, using small sets of troops only. Another one, I line-up 100x Barchers (Barbarian+Archer)  Troops for you to have a full army troops when you encounter village having a full or large amount of resources in the collector, and try to make 1 star on it , for you to have a loot bonus. 

Ps. Please comment your thoughts below on how you farm Dark Elixer on Th7. Thank you.

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