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Laboratory Guide: What To Upgrade First

Clash f Clans Laboratory Guide: What to Upgrade first

Good day Clashers! Have you ever question to yourself what to upgrade first?  Is it the Archer, Barbarian or Spells?  A lot of players are confuse what up first.  Maybe you have to think of it. 

Starting building your journey on every Town Hall. Upgrading  Troops and spells makes more stronger, confident on attacking in a Clan War.

In this guide,  Clashers will able to know what to upgrade first. Feel free to read it.
Laboratory Guide
Image:Clash Of Clans Laboratory

Upgrading Your First Choice: 

Definitely you might be picking the smallest or the cheapest troops to upgrade if your town hall is in the low level. Because some of the low Level or the beginner levels are hard make a raid. 

You have to upgrade first the troops for farming. Sequence of upgrading for Low Level Only.

Upgrade:  Archer, Giant, Healer, Spell (Lighting Spell  & Heal Spell), Barbarian, Wizard, Balloons and lastly Wall Breaker and goblins.  

For Town Hall 7 To Town Hall 8:

You must upgrade Troops for War: 

In this level  you must upgrade first the troops or spells that you always use for Clan War. So what is it?

Upgrade:  Dragons, Spells (Lighting, Heal & Rage Spell) Balloons, Giants, Archer, Barbarian, Wall Breaker, P.e.k.k.a, Hog Rider,Wizard, Minions and healer.

Dragon first because this is the  most effective troops that you may use during clan war battle. Next is the Lighting Spells, Town hall 7 has only 2 air defense, Destroy 1 air Defense using lighting spells (it must be LS level 4 to destroy AD4-AD6). That strategy will give you  and your clan an instant 3 stars in clan wars. 

Town Hall 9- Town Hall 10:

Pick the best Troops:

This is the hardest level, because the upgrading value for this level is high. You must plan out what to upgrade first. 

Upgrade: Giants6, Archer6, Barbarian6, Hogs5, Balloons6, Minions5, Wizard, Wall Breaker, P.e.k.k.a4, Golem4, Witch2, Healer etc. 

Why Giant6, Giant6 are the most  effective troops for this level and you are starting for Town Hall level 9. This will help you to raid more effectively and efficient, Combine with  a set of barchers (Barbarian and Archers).

That would be it,  I hope you Comprehend. 

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