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How to 'Buy Gems using Smart' prepaid load

Buy gems using prepaid load, Visit the link learn more

Manila, Philippines - Smart.ph offers purchasing of gem using prepaid load online. Smart announce that buying gems is now effective starting June 2015 You can now have your gems right away by using your smart prepaid sim.

Some of you want to make it on a legal way of buying Gems.  Here's How to set-up and enable Smart Communication Billing, follow easy steps below.

Setup Account via Google Play enabling SCB, 
1. Go to the Play Store.
2. Click “My Account”.
3.  Click “Enable Smart Communications billing” under Payment methods.
4.  Google will verify your account while Smart validates your mobile number.
5.  Enter any Philippine billing address details, “Save” and “Accept” once completed.
6.  Smart will appear as your default payment method on Google Play just like the image below.

Note: If Smart communications billing is not aviailalbe on your Google play account be sure to check first if you are connected to Wi-fi if yes, Please use only mobile data connection using smart prepaid sim.

Source: smart.com.ph / smart facebook

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