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Xmodgames Announces Fixing Sandbox Attack

Xmodgames update Sandbox Attack is being fixed.

Xmodgames have just release a new version of X.apk that is a version of 1.3.3 for android and 2.5 for IOS, to continue using tool application for the updated version of Clash of Clans 7.65 and 7.65.2 released last day of the month of April, 2015.

Gamers having problem with the application both Android and IOS users.

Xmodgamers have the noisiest inbox in e-mail and even in Facebook page after seeing bugs they encounter.

Due to the massive message that received by the developer of Xmod after the latest Clash of Clans update. Xmodegames announce that they will be fixing the sandbox attack in Clash Of Clans wherein you're not able to see Traps, Hidden Tesla and Clan Castle Troops showing-up. We will be expecting a new version of Mod Xmod.

Read Xmodgames announcement via facebook:

‪"#‎Xnotice‬ Sandbox is being fixed.Plz keep calm.

★We know that in Sandbox Attack of the mod starting from COC game version 7.65.2, hidden objets like traps, big bombs, tesla tower and troops in the clan castle fail to show up.
The reason is obvious that COC has a huge update.

★All of our team members have been making great effort to fix it day and night,even on holiday,and still looking for solution regardless of the difficulties.

★Please be calm and be patient.We will provide the newest mod ASAP."

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