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Update: Balloon Hog Rider Event after Maintenance Break

Read COC update May 9, after the Maintenance break.

COC Update May 11, 2015 -- Everyone was so excited when Clash of Clans developer, Supercell announced earlier a maintenance break took 30-45 mins. Surprises awaits after the break Supercell claimed via facebook.

So what is new?

Balloon and Hog Rider will be 50% price and time, It means that you'll get the troops train half the price and half the time. This is limited only.

In this update, all hog rider and balloon user will have an advantage because of quick and low cost training. Most used troops for donate and attack during clan wars.

Clashers were excited when the maintenance break in-process waiting for the next update. Do you like the latest event? 

Update May 17, 2015:

Balloons+Hogs Event ends tomorrow May 18, 2015.  So expect a Maintenance break.

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