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Top 3 Clans (Global)

Top 3 clans global in clan tournament

Hey! clashers good day to all, in this post I want to share the 3 clans who top Clash Of Clans Clan Tournament 2nd week of May 2015, this are based from the clan members trophy. Check it out!

Top 3 Clans image

Emirates -- clan from United Arab emirates with 50 active members, Clan war stats of 11 wins, Clan War frequency is once a week.

Arab Champions -- from it's clan location AC is from United Arab Emirates also like Emirates Clan, having 47/50 members. with 18 wins, Clan war frequency is always.

Mega Empire -- International clan who's clan members came from different  country, with 42 wins in clan wars. Clan War Frequency is twice a week. 

Amount of Trophies counted in Clan Score by percentage. 

Rank: 1-10      50%
           11-20    25%
           21-30    12%
           31-40    10%
           41-50    3%


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