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Mobile Internet Promo For Free Clash Of Clans

Play Clash of Clans for free using load promo.

Millions of online gamers are playing Clash of Clans many of them are in the Philippines, most of them are using data connection only looking for cheap Load promos for Playing Clash Of Clans for free depends on the data allocations and usage given. 

Sun, Smart, Globe, TM, Talk & Text, etc. subscribers who are playing Clash of Clans using data connection only may use this.

How to Register here are the lists of codes/promo: Philippines

Globe/TM Promo:
  • Avail globe GS99 for 1 month and send it to 8888 with 1Gb mobile data plus 5235241kb of playing bundled games and music streaming via Spotify for globe only. 100 pesos only
  • Text GOSURF15 to 8888 for 30MB for surfing and free  300MB for games for 2 days, 15 pesos only.
  • GoSAKTO for Globe and TM subscribers, For 7 days you can get 1000 free txt plus 1Gb mobile surfing and games for 70 pesos Only. 
To register: Dial *143# and choose GoSAKTO >> Create promo >> Txt & Surf, steps will be sent after process is finish, Subscribe then register. 

  • GoSURF50 globe - Browse your fave sites, share photos with friends, blog about your latest adventure, play exciting games and more! With GoSURF50, you can enjoy 300 MB of mobile internet for three (3) days, for only P50 with FREE Spotify Basic plus FREE access to games and Facebook!

To register, text GoSURF50 and send to 8888 or dial *143#.

Sun/Smart Promo:
  • Sun Combo 10 for 1 day and Sun Combo 20 for 2 days, availing this promo you'll get free 30MB  for surfing and for games, 10 pesos for C10 and 20 pesos for C20. Directly from Mobile Loading stations.
Via: Globe, Sun, Smart TM, Talk & Text

P.s:  We'll update the lists we've find most affordable load promo for Playing Clans of Clans free. Connect and subscribe via facebook page to keep you updated and we'll send immediately latest promo  package, stay tune!.

Comment what you are using below the post thank you.

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