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How To Disconnect COC Account from Other Device

There is a possible way.

Hi Clashers,  I know a lot of you get scammed by someone, uses your COC account to other android or Ios devices without any permission.

There are so many players will try to hack your account or scam you talk to you like a very good boy who you doesn't know that they want to keep in touch with personal details to link in with your COC account.

Spam you a link on a private message and asking for your details, So better think before you click.

I want to share this guide on How to Disconnect you're compromised account.
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Question Supercell Via help and Support tab: So is there a possible way to disconnect my COC account from other device? This post will give you an answer.

Supercell (Clash Of Clans) replied reads:

We Understand your account may have been compromised. If it is the cased, then we would ask you to reply with certain information about the account, We know how much villages mean to our players and have an obligation to make sure the right chief gets access to the right village. This is why we need all of the following information to review your case:
  • When (Month & Year) did you create the village? 
  • Where (city and country) did you create the village?
  • When did you noticed that your account was compromised?
  • What devices do you use to play the account ? Please list all, and specify model (e.g. "IPAD 1G", "HTC One", "Iphone 4s", "Alcatel One-Touch" version etc.
  • If you ever ordered gems on this account, attach full copy of the iTunes or Google Play Store receipt for you first gem order ever.
If you don't know where to look for your first receipt, try your email box. If you can't find it there check out IOS Support if you made order for Ios; and if you send Android, hear over to Google Play Support.

Please try to provide accurate and complete information. Once we have across-checked the data with our database, we'll make sure to get back to you. Please keep in mindthat at some stage, we may need to a temporary ban on the village as a necessary step of the ownership verification process. 

Best regards.

I hope you learned you're lesson that don't ever give your personal details account to anyone whom you didn't know.
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