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Does Changing of Language Really Affects Raiding/Looting

Read Supercell Said

Gud day Clashers!, Do you wonder, does changing language of Clash Of Clans really affects raiding or looting resources.
So how to change language:

From the right side of your device: 
click settings Icon >> Click Language and select what language you want to use.

Got this idea from a group via social site that if you replace language with the other language it will affects the raiding or looting, You'll have chance to loot more resources base on the language you've chosen.

For example you use Japan,  Someone says that Japan has a greater available loots.

I tried it also, curious about that issue. 

I sent Supercell asking , Does it really affects Raiding or Looting? 

Supercell Help and support Replied, 

Hi Chief,

Thanks for reaching out to us and playing Clash of Clans! Sorry for the delayed response!

With regards to your  issue I would like to inform you that, the language has got nothing to do with raiding or looting. 

Please let me know if you have any  other questions or comments.

Clash on!

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