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Th9 War base with 2 air sweeper (BEST LAYOUT 2015)

Latest Hybrid base which is (Anti) Drag and Gowiwipe (Troops Composition: Golem, Wizard, Witch and P.E.K.K.A) free.

Players will always find the best Clan War base. Each of them looking for an ideal base that is hard to 3 stars during war battle phase. 

Today We feature the best Town hall 9 Clan War base in 2015. Check it out now and We recommend you to use it in the Clan War battle.
Th9 Clan War Base without building
Th9 Base Screenshot Without Buildings
Base Description:

  • Town hall and Clan castle are in the core of the base protected by evenly spread ground defense. 
  • Plus 2 Air defense added with the newest AD structure the Air Sweeper. 
  • Heroes are in the middle to support 2 X-Bow. 
  • Double Giant bomb located at the core to counter Mass-Hog rally.  See also screenshots of the War base with Buildings.

See screenshots with buildings.
Th9 Clan War Base
Th9 Base screenshot with buildings
I hope you like the Th9 war base layout, I know it's not the best of the best, but it will be the best.

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