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TH9: Effective and Efficient Troops For Farming Dark Elixer

Effective way of Farming Dark Elixer, Check It Out.

In this post, I want to share to you my combinations of Troops for Farming effective and efficient.

Are you Town Hall Level 9 and  having a hard time on getting Dark Elixer. It's time to change your troops line-up for farming and get a lot of Dark Elixer and save much more of your time.

What is Dark Elixer?

Dark Elixer is one of the most important resources in the game. It is use only for Dark Troops like (Minions, Hogs, Lava, Witch and Valkyrie).  It's hard to get a lot of it, You must dive your way into the core of the enemy base.

Dark Elixer Storage is always at the center of the Defense Base of the enemy. Protectied by 4 Air defense or 4 Mortars most of the time.

Most of the Base having the large amount of Dark Elixer is Town Hall 9,  as you can see in the image above the Dark Elixer Storage is at center most part of the base,  where it is protected by 4 Mortars and 2 Xbow.

You'll lose if you have in your farming line-up are barchers only, Barchers is (Barbarian and Archers).

This is How I Farm Dark Elixer I uses 8 Giants, 8 Wall Breakers, and the rest are barchers, Any spells will do, but most of the time I uses rage and heal spells only.

Find the Biggest amount of Resources Gold, Normal Elixer or Dark Elixer. In this case we are looking only for the Dark Elixer so find a base that is having a huge amount of D.E.

And use the troops that is being said the 8 Giants, 8 Wall breaker and Barchers.

Why Giants?

Giants can withstand any base defense depending on how High Level you giant is. Recommending you to upgrade first your giant when you reach Town Hall 9.

Wall Breakers? To easily help the giant to get in to the center and Destroy near defense.

Barchers? This troops are the cheapest and the fastest troops to cook. It will help the Giants to destroy or it will be the backup for clearing near enemy buildings.


  • You must check also if there are troops inside the Clan Castle, it will easily eliminate and will do great damage to your tank, The Giants.
  • You must know how to get in to the core of the base or to the center of the base, Sometimes attacker is only deploying without any plan, just deploying troops anywhere. You must know how to cut base buildings, it will be discuss to another post.  

Please do make some comments on what you've experience using this troops for Farming Dark Elixer or D.E.

Thank You and Good Day. Happy Clashing.

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