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Th7 War Base Layout With Air Sweeper

You are here because you are looking for a new layout that fits the placement of Air Sweeper. We recommend you to try this layout now.

Best War Base Layout for Town Hall 7 for 2016: Having trouble looking for the Best War base Layout for Townhall 7?.  See if this design for clan wars works for you and your clan. This might be the one you are looking for that will help your clan to win clan wars.

Supercell / Clash of Clans War Base Edit Mode

Air Sweeper Description:
We all know the latest air defensive building added by Supercell after the massive update is the Air Sweeper.  Air sweeper pushes back air units delaying attackers to have a difficult time to use air attack to destroy defensive buildings.

  1. Update: The 3 Air defense are at the center plus the Air Sweeper.
  2. The Clan Castle and Hero Barbarian King is in the Middle. 
  3. Ground Defense are Evenly Spread to make hogs travel far from each defense. 
  4. An Anti-Dragon, Anti- Dragloons, Anti-hogs war base layout for Th7 attackers only.
Supercell / Clash of Clans Screenshot without Buildings

War Logs: This base was 3-starred using Mass Dragon + 1 Dragon and 3 Lightning spells. The attackers should know how to deploy Dragons and right use of Spell.

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